We know the true power of active sharing and the impact it can have to raise standards and speed up research. What is vital, especially at this time, is to provide comprehensive study materials that can be accessed and downloaded by other sites, and adapted to support high-quality, rapid implementation of these critical COVID-19 studies in various settings.

In an effort to contribute to this, research teams conducting various studies into COVID-19 are currently providing access to their resources in the form of a ‘study implementation map’. This concept strongly focuses on sharing the process and framework for the study, with materials that reflect the context-specific nature of running a study in individual settings.

Please see the following case studies for teams in Malawi and The Gambia. If you are interested in sharing your resources, please see the Resource Sharing area.

As well as providing a platform for accessing materials and resources put into practice by teams around the world, we also have resources available to guide teams in developing their own study materials.

The first resource to be made available is a toolkit containing a guided set of resources to inform Quality Management, and the comprehensive considerations for study monitoring and assuring data quality. 

This area is being continually updated so please check back here for new resources that could help your research team with your COVID-19 study.


The Global Health Network is part of the COVID19 Clinical Research Coalition which aims to accelerate desperately needed COVID-19 research in those areas where the virus could wreak havoc on already-fragile health systems and cause the greatest health impact on vulnerable populations. Read more