As well as providing a platform for accessing materials and resources put into practice by teams around the world, we also have resources available to guide teams in developing their own study materials.

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FAIR and ethical data sharing for COVID-19

COVAX Maternal Immunisation

Quality Management


 WHO Resources

Blood Pharmacokinetics

Clinical Characterisation Protocol (CCP)



COVID-19 Diagnostic Tools

Data Collection, Management & Analysis Tool Finder

Protocol Repository Tool

COVID-19 Serology Control Panel

Evidence Aid COVID-19 Research Papers

COSMIN: Outcome Measurement Intruments

 Research Process Map

CORD-19 (COVID-19 Open Research Dataset)

COVID-19 Research Project Tracker

WHO Global Research Database

COVID Pharmacology Resource Area

COVAX Manufacturing Resource

Vaccine tracker

COVID-19 Health Care Workers Video Tutorials

Clinical Management of Covid-19 cases in The Gambia - March 2020

*This area is being continually updated so please check back here for new resources that could help your research team with your COVID-19 study.*

We know the true power of active sharing and the impact it can have to raise standards and speed up research

What is vital, especially at this time, is to provide comprehensive study materials that can be accessed and downloaded by other sites, and adapted to support high-quality, rapid implementation of these critical COVID-19 studies in various settings.

The Global Health Network is running this crowdsourcing initiative to support a faster implementation of research studies during this pandemic. It slow and unnecessary for each group wanting to set up a study to start from scratch; when there are excellent studies already running.

In an effort to contribute to this, research teams conducting various studies into COVID-19 are currently providing access to their resources in the form of a ‘study implementation map’. This concept strongly focuses on sharing the process and framework for the study, with materials that reflect the context-specific nature of running a study in individual settings.

Please see case studies for teams in the Study Profiles area.