Working Groups for COVID19 Open Research Community

Implementing research studies during this pandemic can be made faster and easier by working collaboratively. Steps, processes and challenges can be worked through by discussing and sharing approaches. Your know-how and experiences could really help others. Or sharing your questions and problems could generate solutions that others can also use.

Following the feedback from our recent workshops and requests from research teams we are setting up virtual working groups to support research study implementation during this pandemic

 Here teams can be formed from across the globe to share ideas, gather consensus, form collaborations and seek funding. These groups can share and engage widely to support rapid research implementation during this pandemic. We can fully support the operations of these groups and so your precious time can be spent on these key discussions. Here are the initial areas that researchers and healthcare workers are suggesting as topics to take into these open, virtual teams:

  • Therapeutic Trials
  • Diseases Characterisation
  • Social Science
  • Diagnostic evaluation and testing
  • Ethics & Community Engagement
  • Vaccines
  • Health Systems Research

Please email and explain how you can help and get involved in any of these here:

These will be conducted in English – However we will also be launching working groups in other languages soon, so please register your interest in these too.