Implementing research studies during this pandemic can be made faster and easier by working collaboratively.  Steps, processes and challenges can be worked through by discussing and sharing approaches. Your know-how and experiences could really help others. Alternatively, sharing your questions and problems could generate solutions that others can also use.

Working Groups for the COVID-19 Open Research Community

Following feedback from our recent workshops and requests from research teams around the world, we are setting up open virtual working groups to support research study implementation during this pandemic.

The ongoing establishment of these 'COVID-19 Working Groups' aims to address the discussion and gather consensus on the emerging COVID-19 research gaps across low-resource settings. 

These groups, each formed by a diverse range of 475 researchers from over more than 80 countries, are working together to share ideas, form collaborations and seek funding to support rapid research implementation.und the globe, we are setting up open virtual working groups to support research study implementation during this pandemic.

The 7 Working Groups listed below have been operating since mid-May 2020. 

The Global Health Network has now supported the initial virtual meetings of each of these groups, and each of the Working Groupss action plans (including meetings amongst the coordinators of the WGs, launching surveys and organising further large team/group meetings).

Please check each of the WGs to know more about their research agenda.



Join a Working Group and Get Involved!

If you are interested in joining one or more of these Working Groups, please click here and complete this survey and we will be in touch! We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can work together to support a strong and equitable global research response to COVID-19.

Working Group activities are currently being conducted in English, however we plan to launch working groups conducted in other languages very soon. Please register your interest in these groups too, and we will be in touch with further information when the groups are created. 


COVID-19 Research Implementation Hub

The Global Health Network is maintining a cross-linking collection of resources designed to aid COVID-19 research during the pandemic. This hub is divided into 7 research areas, each corresponding to a working group listed above. Each research area features its own collection of resources designed to aid COVID-19 research in that particular field, inlcuding resources developed by The WHO, ISARIC, TGHN and it's collabraotrs and many other international research organisations. 

Use the buttons below to navigate the areas of the COVID-19 Research Implementation Hub