The WHO designated the COVID-19 outbreak a global public health emergency in order to support global coordination. In particular, this decision was taken because the greatest concern is the potential for the virus to spread to countries less able to respond, and so working collaboratively and sharing information resources, data and know-how will be all the more important, should cases begin to appear regionally beyond the initial outbreak regions. Here we will provide information from partner organisations and networks based in regions. 

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COVID On the Breadline : A short film from Picturing Health

What does COVID-19 mean for the three quarters of a billion of the world’s inhabitants who live below the poverty line? Will they be hit harder by the pandemic – or by the measures in place designed to slow its spread? What will it mean for the children of the world’s poor, five million of whom die every year before they reach their fifth birthday? Are there alternatives to slow the virus which will not push so many people in to further poverty and misery? This shortened version of the film brings the views of those living on the breadline, as well as researchers and doctors who work with them. 

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