Information on the research response in Latin America to COVID-19 (this area is coordinated by FioCruz in Brazil).

Here we attempt to bring together all the information, resources and updates being provided by all the Latin American networks, such as FioCruz who will help coordinate this area and organisations who work in health research. The aim is to make it as easy as possible to find the right information, support and guidance, by connecting all the Latin American initiatives together and making all the sources of reliable information and tools both accessible and discoverable. This is located within the wider COVID-19 hub which also includes links to the updated international tools and resources through the wider network. Please check back here as we continue to add and update content.

PAHO Director calls for urgent action during a Virtual Media Briefing - Washington, DC, March 31, 2020 

The PAHO Director Dr Carissa F. Etienne highlighted the solidarity of the region and the need to continue sharing resources, expertise and joint decisions to accelerate access to health services, research and innovation. She also emphasized that PAHO will continue to facilitate exchange between countries, and to work intensively with Member States, particularly those with the weakest health systems, to strengthen surveillance and early detection of cases and on ensuring health service preparedness. 

The region has moved to a mitigation mode with all 33 countries and 15 territories reporting cases.

PAHO has launched an Appeal to donors & partners to scale-up the capacity of the countries of the Americas to respond to COVID-19. The response strategy outlined in this Appeal has two main objectives: slow down the transmission of the virus and mitigate the health impact of COVID-19 in the Region. An initial US$94.8 million are needed to support critical response efforts in countries most in need of help until September 2020. Reed more here

 The Latin American country that has been affected the most by the COVID-19 coronavirus disease is BrazilThe country confirmed it's first positive case of COVID-19 on the 26th of February marking the first positive case in the South American continent.  The Federal Government of Brazil released the Coronavirus SUS application code, developed by the Ministry of Health and available for free at the government's virtual store, the Apple Store and the Play Store. 

The Coronavirus SUS application was launched on February 28 to raise public awareness of the coronavirus. By accessing the app, citizens will know how to prevent themselves and what to do in case of suspicion and infection. Other countries can adopt the technology and offer the information to their users, adapting the language and geolocation. Argentina, Ecuador and Panama have already contacted the Brazilian government and received the application code. Read more here

The Graphic below traces the number of cases in the Latin America by country daily:

Statistic: Number of confirmed cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Latin America and the Caribbean as of March 25, 2020, by country | Statista
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