Led by a team based at UVRI in Entebbe, Uganda the aim is to drive and seek wider engagement with teams across the region to illustrate and promote the studies and research strategies, planned and underway as part of this global effort to respond. These initiatives seek to strengthen research capacity, promote and recognise locally-led health research, improve visibility of research teams and centres, and contribute to the science of sharing.

Here we attempt to bring together all the information, resources and updates being provided by all the African networks and pan-African organisations who work in health research.

The aim is to make it as easy as possible to find the right information, support and guidance, by connecting all the African initiatives together and making all the sources of reliable information and tools both accessible and discoverable.


Interactive Map of Cases
Developed by the WHO African team. Find out the latest case numbers in Africa and more.


The ANTICOV clinical trial, conducted in 13 African countries, has started the recruitment of participants to test a new drug combination, nitazoxanide + ciclesonide, to treat people with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 before their cases become severe. The combination has two different mechanisms of action: one potentially active during the first, viral replication stage of SARS-COV-2 infection, and one that decreases the likelihood of an inflammatory stage that can start a few days later.

'In many African countries our worst fears are being realized, as already-strained intensive care units are beginning to fill up with COVID-19 patients. Yet the number of vaccine doses that are reaching the African continent is too limited. We need urgently to identify affordable and easy-to-administer treatments that can prevent the evolution to a severe form of the disease and slow the rate of infection.'

- Dr John Nkengasong, Director, Africa CDC


Key Regional Research Organisations

The following is a list of contacts within African organisations, including the WHO Africa, CDC Africa and EDCTP Centres of Excellence who are preparing to deal with this response. You can find more information also via the partner links listed in the right hand navigation. 

Africa-CDC   |   African Society for Laboratory Medicine   |   WANETAM NoE   |   CANTAM NoE   |   EACCR NoE   |   TESA NoE   |   ALERRT   |   PANDORA

   WHO AFRO   |    The EDCTP NoE   |    AAS   |  AVAREF

Africa Resources - per Country

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