Emerging respiratory viruses, including COVID-19: methods for detection, prevention, response and control

World Health Organization
The fundamental principles of emerging respiratory viruses, in particular COVID-19, and how to respond to an outbreak effectively.
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Infection prevention and control (IPC) for novel coronavirus (COVID-19)
World Health Organization
Information on what facilities should be doing to be prepared to respond to a case of an emerging respiratory virus such as the novel coronavirus, how to identify a case once it occurs, and how to properly implement IPC measures to ensure there is no further transmission to HCW or to other patients and others in the healthcare facility. This training is intended for healthcare workers and public health professionals, as it is focused on infection prevention and control.
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COVID-19 diagnostics and testing
FIND and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Get the latest recommendations on COVID-19 diagnostics and testing, and how to improve testing capacity in low-income settings.

Standard precautions: Environmental cleaning and disinfection
World Health Organization
In this course, you will learn the role of an IPC professional in environmental cleaning and understand how cleaning and disinfection prevent contamination of the health care environment.

Decontamination and sterilization of medical devices
World Health Organization
The processes of sterilization and decontamination are complex, requiring specific infrastructure, equipment and process. In this course, which is divided into two parts, you will learn about the overall procedure for managing decontamination and sterilization of medical devices.

COVID-19: Operational Planning Guidelines and COVID-19 Partners Platform to support country preparedness and response
World Health Organization
This 3-module learning package introduces the context for the need for a coordinated global response plan to the COVID-19 outbreak. It provides the required guidance to implement the Operational Planning Guidelines to Support Country Preparedness and Response. These planning guidelines describe priority steps and actions to be included in countries’ preparedness and response plans across the major areas of public health preparedness and response. This is aligned with the COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan (SPRP).
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Introduction to Go.Data – Field data collection, chains of transmission and contact follow-up
World Health Organization
Go.Data is a field data collection platform focusing on case data (including lab, hospitalization and other variables though case investigation form) and contact data (including contact follow-up). This briefing package provides an orientation to the purpose, benefits and utilization of Go.Data, consisting of 7 modules with a narrated walkthrough of the key features of the Go.Data web-based platform and mobile application.
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ePROTECT Respiratory Infections
World Health Organization
A general introduction to Acute Respiratory Infections (ARIs) and basic hygiene measures to protect against infection.  
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