COVID-19 critical care: Understanding and application
University of Edinburgh and Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh
This education resource will teach you how to effectively care for critically ill patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll learn the daily practice for frontline clinical staff supporting critical care patients with and without COVID-19, and how to apply ventilation and organ support principles to the care of a critically ill coronavirus patient. Staff and patient safety are paramount. This resource will help you to facilitate your own emotional and physical self-care and wellbeing in this high-stress, high-risk environment. You’ll learn about the required PPE and reflect on the practices necessary to emotionally support yourself and your colleagues.

How to put on and remove PPE for COVID-19
World Health Organization
This is a guide for healthcare workers involved in patient care activities in a healthcare setting. It aims to show the type of personal protective equipment or PPE needed to correctly protect oneself. Keeping in mind, PPE is part of a larger infection prevention and control bundle of measures and should be implemented as part of a multimodal strategy of management of COVID-19 patients. Only clinical staff who are trained and competent in the use of PPE should be allowed to enter the patient’s room.
AlbanianArabic | English | French | Macedonian | Portuguese | Thai

Online microlearning activities on non-pharmaceutical countermeasures in relation to COVID-19
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
The short activities provide guidance on the application of non-pharmaceutical countermeasures and include five sessions.

Clinical care of severe acute respiratory infection
World Health Organization
A hands-on practical guide to be used by healthcare professionals involved in critical care management during outbreaks of influenza virus (seasonal) human infection due avian influenza virus (H5N1, H7N9), MERS-CoV, nCoV or other emerging respiratory viral epidemics.
English | French | Russian | Spanish | Indonesian | Portuguese | Vietnamese

COVID-19: Effective nursing in times of crisis
Johns Hopkins University
On this course, you’ll explore the issues involved for nurses working with low resources, and what you can learn from nurses in crisis zones. You’ll discover how to lead during the COVID-19 pandemic, what palliative care currently looks like, and how we can work towards recovery.