Trials are crucial to establishing whether potential interventions work and are safe. 

The ongoing establishment of The Global Health Network's 'COVID-19 Working Groups' aims to address the discussion and gather consensus on the emerging COVID-19 research gaps across low-resource settings. This group was created to identify methods to enable better COVID-19 intervention trials. 

Researchers from across the globe working or wanting to work in intervention trials have come together in this group to discuss ideas, form collaborations, access funding as well as share outputs and resources that others can use. There is so much experience that can be applied here - let’s use that to help this immediate need for supporting research everywhere there are cases, now!

On the 27nd May, The Global Health Network supported the first virtual meeting for the ‘Intervention Trials Open Working Group’. The meeting was organised in response to questions raised in our recent COVID-19 workshops which highlighted the need for greater discussion of the impact that COVID-19 pandemic and which interventions might work.

Over 60 people registered to be members of this group and 25 attended the first team meeting from 19 different countries, shown below:

Current Work

Following this first meeting, there has clearly been a loud call for community-based research and the need for mixed method studies to be planned to evaluate public health interventions.

Moving forward this working group will be designing a a protocol which anyone can use in their setting with a robust methodology for people to use freely. Platforms and initiatives like this also have the opportunity to drive the research agenda and funding for relevant priority research question 

Discussion Forum

A discussion forum is available here for members of this Working Group to communicate.


Here you are able to find all the working documents from the different WGs for you to comment on


Become a Part of This Working Group

If you are interested in joinig this group please register here and we will be in touch! We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can work together to support a strong and equitable global research response during this Pandemic.