The Mbale Clinical Research Institute (MCRI), based in Mbale, Uganda, is currently conducting the COVID-19 Open Cohort Study (COCS). The aim of the study is to refine case definitions, establish incidence of the pandemic and to characterise the clinical spectrum and outcomes of the disease among different populations.

It is envisaged that this study will contribute to the refinement of case definitions and advance epidemiology of COVID-19. It will provide an opportunity to validate the WHO criteria across different populations, status of pandemic and locations. This information will inform further research and public health messages and interventions.

Specific objectives of the study include:

  1. Through a cross sectional survey, describe risk factors and enlist study participants for the cohort study.

  2.  To characterise the clinical spectrum of COVID-19.

  3. To refine case definitions of COVID-19 using data from different population groups.

  4. To explore in detail, the epidemiology of COVID-19.

  5. To document outcomes associated with COVID-19 in various age groups, populations and concomitant conditions.

  6. To generate data to inform clinical research on COVID-19.

  7. To generate population specific data for evidence based public health education as a control measure.

  8. Provide a decision tree that has automated feedback that has standard of care including quarantine, call help-line, seek medical attention and avoid spread of the disease.

It is anticipated that  the project will be conducted until end of the COVID-19 pandemic. MRCI has initially arranged to conduct the baseline survey in 4 weeks, and follow up study for 12 months.

Invitation to Respond to Baseline Study Survey

As part of COCS, the MCRI is currently conducting a survey to gain a better understanding of the definitions, clinical picture, determinants and distribution of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) across various populations and geographical locations globally.

The study has the required approvals disclosed in the preliminary sections on the survey. It is estimated that the survey will take an average of 10 minutes to complete.

Participation in this study is completely voluntary and responses will be strictly confidential. Data from this research will be reported only in the aggregate. Respondat information will remain confidential.

You can access the survey here.

Further information regarding the COCS can be found on the MCRI website

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