This page gives a selection of surveys and studies for you to get involved in and to help drive COVID-19 research in LMICs.

COVID-19 Open COVID-19 Study

The Mbale Clinical Research Institute (MCRI), based in Mbale, Uganda, is currently conducting the COVID-19 Open Cohort Study (COCS). The aim of the study is to refine case definitions, establish incidence of the pandemic and to characterise the clinical spectrum and outcomes of the disease among different populations.


COVID-19 Trauma Study

CovidTrauma is a research network to monitor how the current COVID-19 pandemic is impacting orthopaedic trauma services across Africa. It aims to promote cooperation as an orthopaedic community to tackle this unprecedented challenge. A snapshot study has been running from April-June 2020 with collaborators across Africa. We will be analysing results and share findings here as soon as possible.

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 Open Call for COVID-19 resources in French, Spanish and Portuguese! 
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In observing the various countries response to COVID-19, resources in English are quite prevalent, while those in French, Spanish and Portuguese are not as widely known and disseminated.
In order to gather the largest amount of resources in these languages, we hereby ask for your help by sharing your resources. Your participation will incur no cost to you or to the institution that produced the resource, and there will be no financial compensation, but it may bring benefits such as increased audience, citation and recognition for the resource and for the institution itself. The Global Health Network has a global audience and thousands of people who seek resources to support their research.

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ISARIC Data Initiative

ISARIC partnerships and outbreak preparedness initiatives has enabled the rapid launch of standardised clinical data collection on COVID-19 in Jan 2020. Since its launch, ISARIC has assembled data from more than 545 sites in 42 countries to create one of the world’s largest and richest COVID-19 clinical datasets (Pritchard, Dankwa et al. 2020).  The dataset now contains information on > 130,000 patients (as of Oct 2020).

In order to accelerate a collective understanding of COVID-19, to help improve patient care, and inform public health policy, ISARIC is opening the platform for analysis, from:

- All those who have contributed data, as well as

- Other interested groups/researchers keen to work on this rich dataset.

In all instances, applications are to be made via submission of a Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP).

If successful, applicants will be partnered up with a member from the ISARIC Clinical/Analytical Group to collaborate with this research.