Working Groups for COVID19 Open Research Community

In order to implement observational studies and clinical trials during this outbreak much can be thought through and set up ahead. These steps, processes and challenges will be largely the same and so working these out together and sharing approaches will help everyone work faster and also bring standardisation, quality and know-how to this global effort. Virtual open working groups could tackle all these common areas and their outputs can help any group wanting to implement one of these studies.  Each topic group could start by considering;

-         What exists already, globally applicable now or needs adapting?
-         Easy to implement or are tools, training and guidance needed?
-         If nothing exists, where to start?
-         How could these be developed between this team?
-         What is needed? Can we form a ‘crowd’ approach just get going and see what can be achieved?
-         How are we going to move forward? Can we write an action plan? Who is going to do what? We can we nominate a chair (lead the meetings, facilitator (capture the actions and follow-up) and coordinator (set up next meeting and track progress?)

The Following Are Suggestions for Working Groups. Please suggest others, or sign up to one of these, or as many as you like! We will set up online workshops during next week. You can join one of these and then the group can organise together how they will move forward and how they will work. Even if you are not working on COVID19 your expertise in the following areas would really help develop good processes and tools for other, maybe less experienced, teams to use. Come on, join in and let's get going….

What interventions to test?

Design, Study Population and Clinical Settings?

Primary Outcomes Measures?

Data Management and data standards?

Study management, regulation, and operational set up?

Ethics, Consent and Community Engagement?

Please email and explain how you can help here:

Below is a table of trials already registered on This gives a summary of interventions, where they are, the study population and the primary outcome measures they are using, which could be helpful to refer to.

Here are is the ISARIC Disease characteristic protocols and associated tools. Here is the WHO master interventional trial protocol we recommend these.

The team at The Global Health Network can set up virtual workshop facilities, guide any discussions, source resources, collate and refine outputs, post anything up and generally help support you. The aim here is for an open community of practice response to this global health emergency. The Global Health Network is comprised of thousands of experienced researchers. Here we can come together and help anyone wanted to implement a study in this rapidly evolving situation. So, tell us what help you need? There is so much experience that can be applied here -  let's use that to help this immediate need for supporting research everywhere there are cases, now.